Transportation in and around Munich

Public transportation in Munich is provided by the MVV, which operates the subway (german “U-Bahn”), commuter trains (“S-Bahn”), bus and tram. They can be used with the same ticket system.

On this page we want to provide you with options and recommendations on how to get to the conference site either if you stay at the town of Garching or in Munich.

Getting to the conference

The conference venue is located at the TUM campus in Garching. It has its own subway stop, called Garching-Forschungszentrum, which is within ring 7 (For information on rings follow this link), while Munich city centre (Marienplatz) is within ring 1.

We recommend to buy a week ticket for ring 1-7, which will cost you 27,80€ and is valid beginning Monday. This will also bring you to the banquet on thursday. You can buy them at the season ticket machine.

You will mostly use the subway line U6, which connects Marienplatz in the centre of Munich to Garching-Forschungszentrum, north of Munich. In case you stay at the Motel One in Garching, your stop is Garching-Hochbrück, also serviced by the U6.

Getting to Munich from the Airport

If you arrive at the Munich Airport and want to go to the welcome reception at the Munich Town Hall on sunday (see social program), we recommend getting a day ticket for the entire network, which costs 11,20€ for a single person or 20,40€ as a partner ticket for up to 5 individuals.